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Growing the good life

The Sunshine Project is an action research design project, to explore what supports can enable families to grow their good life, even in the midst of hard times.

We have worked closely with 6 families (comprising 27 people) in Kwinana/Rockingham in Western Australia, to co-design and test out approaches to enable them to grow their good life. We have also worked with other local organisations to test out additional ideas which have benefitted greater numbers of people in the community. 

The design phase of this project has been self-funded by Anglicare WA and Ruah Community Services, in order to ensure that the co-design and action research work could unfold iteratively in response to what we were learning, without the usual constraints of a funding contract.


The design phase of the project will conclude in December 2023 and we are now seeking partners to enable us to disseminate the project's learnings and progress elements with the greatest potential to positively impact the system.

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Family Prototypes

Check out the ideas that we developed and tested with individual families


Community Prototypes

Check out the ideas we tested in the community setting with grassroots community groups and social services.


System Change

We have been exploring leverage points to shift the system to better enable the good life, recognising we are  part of that system.

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