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13th Jan

For the first time in our adult lives we are living in a house with enough space in the backyard to grow a serious amount of vegetables. This space is big enough to grow food for an entire family comfortably, with lots of food left over to share around.

Growing your own veggies has all of the obvious benefits - they taste far more delicious, there are zero food miles, zero packaging and it's a wonderfully active life style (imagine turning compost, not picking zucchinis!)

We have access to space right outside our door but why is it that we choose to grow the majority of our veggies at the community garden, not in our back yard?

1) WE ARE BUSY - We both have busy full time jobs and we are often struggling to keep up with exercising, hobbies, families, making most of our own food and volunteering. Sometimes we don't have time to water the garden and we can't always call on people to drive around to our house to water. The awesome thing about the plot is that other people are around to help!

2) WE CAN SHARE AND OTHERS SHARE WITH US - At the moment we have an abundance of zucchini. They are huge and two of them made the most delicious side dish for 10 (yes ten!) people the other night. We trade food with others and can also drop off around the corner at the Food is Free box on Cuthbert rd.

3) WE DON'T OWN THE HOUSE WE LIVE IN - and late last year we came home to a yellow planning permit placed on our front fence. Soon our amazing big yard will be turned into 4 town houses. We aren't against this per se, but soil rejuvination takes a long time and this isn't a good use of our time.

4) COMMUNITY GARDENS NEED PEOPLE - Gardens need people and while some people join to meet others, it is totally fine for you to join in, even if you are shy and do your own thing. Gardens need you to pay yearly fees to help them tick over (it's only $100 a year btw), they need your elbow grease to weed and trim trees, and most importantly they need your ideas to help propel them into even more awesome gardens in the future.

If you would like to garden with us, get in touch! Our plot is at the  East Reservoir Community Garden 7A Strathmerton St, East Reservoir.

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