Calling all activists...

You can be part of the solution. Our volunteers (our Farmers!) are the backbone of the Worm Ranch Project, helping us to divert hundreds of kilos of organic waste from landfill. 

How can you help?

We understand that everyone has varying amounts of time, space and energy to contribute and there is a way for lots of people to be involved.

There are three categories of Farmers who help by picking up organic waste from cafes and processing it in their worm farms.  For those without the time or ability to be a Farmer, our online activists are an amazing help by getting the message out there.


Spread the Word

Online and Social Media

Do you have a few minutes to spare and an Instagram or Facebook account?

Help us by tagging us in any of your awesome homesteading projects, fun gardening days and community projects. If we post something you can connect to, please share.

You have a voice and can teach other people about the benefits and joys of worm farming. Please help us get the word out there about how and why this project is a step in the right direction for our local families, businesses and communities. We have lots of ideas for social media posts and we have awesome links to other great community organisations that are fun to follow online.



Less than 1 hour per week

Do you have less than an hour to spend per week? Maybe you are a micro worm farmer?

Our Micro Farmers are able to pick up and process between 2 and 5kg of waste in a week from a local cafe. The worm farm is set up in your space and can be convenient if you want to avoid having to go to a second location. With only one pick up weekly, this suits an inner city dweller with a small courtyard (of course also suits Farmers with larger spaces or farms too!).


1 standard compost bin

3000-4000 worms

1 black stacking worm farm


Urban Farmer

1 hour per week

Do you have 1 hour to spare per week? You could be an Urban Farmer! Picking up from 1 or 2 locations in a close proximity weekly, suits someone with a medium/large backyard, able to pick up and process between 10-20 kg of waste in a week.


2 compost bins and one bath tub

10-15000 worms



3 hours per week

Are you part of a community garden/local green hub? Do you have a huge backyard and could use lots of worm castings and tea? Can you work with a team to pick up and process between 20-40kg of waste per week? It sounds like a lot, but you would be surprised how easy it is!  Maybe you're one of our Ranchers!? We can help you set up a continuous flow system in your community space (or backyard if you are keen.)


2 bathtubs and 2 IBC

25,000+ worms

You will need a large backyard and garden to use the huge amount of castings you will have!

You will also be able to give away or sell castings and worms.