Your cafe can help make a difference...

We understand running a cafe is heaps of work (we did it ourselves - twice!), so we've found a way to help you reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill without adding too much to your workload. 


We will offer you:

 An easy, no fuss system that connects your cafe to local gardeners.

 Options for a no cost/ low cost green solution to your cafe's waste.

 The opportunity to create social media posts about your great contribution to making our world a better place.


You will need:


Usually there is a quiet spot by the bins out the back where people go to hide and have their break. This is the ideal location to have your buckets ready for an after hours pick up.


This person is probably spruiking green ideas all day long. Some traits of the ideal activist – great organiser, totally reliable, is around when you need them, wants to save the earth!


This whole system works a lot easier if everyone participates. A couple of little small things like taking out the bin, taking elastic bands off a bunch of herbs can help. One cafe can make a difference!


things YOur Cafe will do:

 Display your green credentials

Your customers are going to be so excited and proud to hear about your efforts to divert your cafe waste. We have lots of ideas to help you share the details of this great project.

Get involved

Have us come out for a site consultation and suggest how many buckets are required and a good spot for them to be kept.

Commit to making  sure the waste is put out at the agreed time every week.

Allocate an easily accessible outdoor pick up location for the waste ( as pick-ups might need to be after hours). 

Negotiate an incentive for the Worm Ranch Farmer for picking up your waste. Eg. one free coffee a pick up or one free breakfast per month.

Fill in the questionnaire and information form.

Put up two social media posts a month about your involvement with Melbourne Worm Ranches!           Or more, if you want to!

Give a donation once a year to a community cause – maybe you can donate a breakfast for two to a raffle, help raise some funds by making a soup to sell at a fundrasier, or perhaps the team can agree their tips for a day will go to the community. Every little bit helps!

One representative from the cafe is required to be a Worm Ranch Activist. This person needs to have access to a mobile phone to work with Brunswick Worm Ranch on an ongoing basis ( as the majority of contact will be via text message) and needs to be able to follow some easy steps to make farming work as part of every day life in your cafe.

Total time spent? A maximum of 1 hour per week.


Worm Ranch Activist responsibilities:

Communicating with other worm farm activists who will be picking up waste from the cafe.

Ensuring the 'How to Get Your Cafe on Board' fact sheet has been read and followed.

Placing the Worm Farm Sorting Fact Sheet on display in the kitchen.

Keeping track of buckets being returned and loaned out.

Relaying feedback to both the worm ranch and other cafe staff members.

Planning and posting social media.

Looking out for your worm ranch volunteers! This means making sure the buckets are placed out on schedule (and if you see them in the cafe make sure they get an extra warm welcome).

We'd love to hear from you

If your cafe is keen to make a difference and give back, we're here to make that possible. And if you have any questions, just let us know. No question is too small!