SOS for the planet...

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Northcote Bake Shop

and Reservoir Worm Ranch

want you to

SOS (Save our scraps)

for the planet


It is estimated that Australians waste around $8 billion worth of food each year and it was found that food waste accounted for 41 per cent of the contents of home wheelie bins in Melbourne.

Obviously the best option is not to waste so much here are a few tips to try and reduce food wastage at your place:

1) Make a list of all of your pantry items and have a weekly shopping list to keep you on track!

2) Label your left overs with dates and freeze anything you won't be able to eat in the next couple of days

3) Be ready to turn one dish into something Extra rice from your curry tonight can easily be fried rice tomorrow

4) Grow your own herbs so you don't have to commit to a whole bunch at the green grocer

5) Get involved in a local food swap

We usually give any food that we can't eat to our we will cook up a slurry of pumpkin skins and polenta...they love this! Sometime there are scraps in the kitchen that can't be used though...banana peels, egg shells etc this is where the worm ranches really shine.

So, we are installing worm ranches to help cafes deal with organic waste that can't be used elsewhere. Are you interested in having your waste diverted to a local worm farm? For less than $5 per week we can divert your waste to your local community garden worm ranch. If you are keen to be involved email us at and we will get you started as a worm ranch ACTIVIST and let you know when the worm ranches are coming to your area.