The Good Fight


Image from @TaranakiFarm

At first when I saw these posts pop up on my facebook I thought some one must be over reacting - 'Vegan sabotage' and 'Vegan harrassment continues' seemed to be a bit over the top. But, as I began following the story of what has unfolded just north of the city in Melbourne I have been really shocked and disappointed by people's actions.

To cut a long story short a bunch of activists raised their opinions online and then went down to Taranaki Farm in the middle of the night to 'free' 200 birds from 'captivity.' The chooks were left vulnerable in the middle of the night and slaughtered by predators - a truly awful thing for the farmer and his team to find in the morning... I can't believe this could have been the goal of any person and I am guessing this has come from a massive disconnect between the activists and the realities of living on a farm and raising animals. Maybe they really had no idea this would be the outcome?  I made a comment about leaving my chickens out after dark in one of my posts that might sound like it's not the worse thing in the world but actually it is pretty scary to think about our chooks up against a fox. Terrifying.

I can relate to the online bullying and remember when a bunch of idiots were writing negative reviews online about our cafe and I was beside myself. I really feel for this guy and I want to be supportive in some way. I figure the only way to really do this is to say 'Ben, keep fighting the good fight! You can't lose when you know you are doing the right thing.' And of course to buy products. 

The shop is open Thursday-Saturday 8:45-11:45 and I am heading down there this week. Anyone want me to pick something up for them?