The gift of giving and trading


Excitingly, this last weekend has been our best ever food swap/gifting weekend ...even better than the times when we have turned up to food swaps and have kind of expected to come home with something different to what we showed up with.

It was a busy Saturday of talking about our goal to reduce cafe waste at the Highbury Makers Market. It was great to connect to some new people and see how interested everyone was.

 We had a restful Sunday - first stopping in to visit of our worm ranchers who needed to move her ranch to a new location in the garden. It was definitely worth moving to a new spot with better drainage and better accessibility from all sides. As a thanks she made us blueberry and banana bread and also sweet potato hummus...awesome to have snacks for work this week without having to make them myself!

We also connected to an awesome gardener Erica or @greenthumberland from North Coburg who came down to check out our worm ranch and brought us some of her home made Fig and Pear Paste (as pictured.) I ate it with some Mersey valley cheddar and this is the first time in ages I haven't been missing soft cheeses - cheddar was a perfect match. This is the recipe she used and she had so many figs she got to make two batches! So impressed!

Kathy at our garden gave us some parsley and our friends Amy and Shawn brought some home made sauerkraut, which we swapped them for some eggs and Jason's fire tonic - recipe to come soon for this one.

And as if that's not enough we visited the Seeds guys in Brunswick yesterday for a bit of compost turning and calundula seeds saving and got to take home some eggplants and basil. 

Feeling warm and fuzzy all over with all of these great folks around!