too many peppers...


I'm terrible when it comes to sharing recipes, I mostly don't use them but I do have lots of food ideas. I will try to share one or two dishes inspired by each season as we go through the year.

This is an important week in my baba's garden. Peppers, peppers and more peppers. And tomatoes. We have grown our own tomatoes this year, which is exciting. Baba tells me that her tomatoes are 'rubbish,' but as always I see them and they are hands down bigger, juicier and all round better than mine. And mine are pretty good.

My dad's family was born in a small village in Macedonia, a place called Neret. This is the land of good banana peppers. They're not regular capsicum, to be clear. They are longer and skinnier, the roast faster and they are more difficult to peel and de seed, which is why for years as a teenager I resisted taking any peppers from the garden.

Back in the village they would be pickled, dried, roasted, fried, stuffed...and probably more. Fetta cheese usually played a part in these dishes somewhere. I was thinking of an old favourite that we used to serve at the cafe late in the summer time. They were very familiar flavours for me, shared in a more modern way. I don't know if Baba would approve!

Vine ripened tomatoes, roasted red peppers, brioche croutons, persian fetta and poached eggs

Tips for making your own:

We don't do anything fancy to the peppers, just roast them, slip the skins off, add some olive oil, garlic and salt and they are so good...make a lot and you can keep some for schnitzel sandwiches later in the week.

Tomatoes need to be home grown. If you don't grow your own, make friends with someone who does. Make sure you slice them just before serving and season with salt and pepper.

I could give you a brioche recipe but who has time for that? Okay...some one will have time and I am jealous. Here is a good recipe for you. Just cube into croutons and grill on each side.

I've eaten all kinds of fetta cheese and I'll be honest and say I don't mind even the cheapest Bulgarian version. Meredith goats is delicious, but if the budget doesn't stretch that far the IGA's in Reservoir and Thomastown are tops.

Poached eggs and a few peppery rocket leaves really finish it off. Make sure you dress your leaves in a lemon vinaigrette :)

Here you go...very common in Neret, late summer.

Here you go...very common in Neret, late summer.